Increase the Traffic To Your Website!

Graphic Connections will help you with your presence on the web and submit your web site to the search engines. Our Search Engine Placement package offers a guarantee to get you to the top of the search engine results or your money back.

What we do is create pages that emphasize the keywords relating to your business. We make the keywords stand out by using specific tags, such as meta tags, tail tags, etc.. There are many ways to do this so search engines place you on top. Each search engine works differently and takes web pages a certain way. What works for some search engines would NOT work for others. We do not just link a website, anyone can do that, what we do is link you to get the best exposure you could possible get - on top! Everyone of our clients have done very well on the internet with our linking services.

With each Search Engine Placement package you will receive:

  • Search Engine / Directory Registration
  • Including: Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos, Direct Hit, etc.
  • Money-back Guarantee

Send us an email or call us today to get you where you should be. ON TOP!