Graphic Connections, founded in 1995, was started to host, develop, support, and help businesses get onto the Internet. By utilizing our unique combination of web hosting and development services, we meet the needs of many companies that wanted to take advantage of the new Internet economy. Whether it was a brick-and-mortar company starting their site from scratch, re-aligning an existing site online, or launching a start-up business, we created the opportunities and the competitive advantage that our clients needed to succeed in the new interactive age.

Today, we still strive to help our existing and new clients take advantage of the Internet as a whole. A lot of things have happened on the Internet during the past 6 years. We are constantly finding new ways to help our clients get ahead of their competitors. Since we are not a large company, and never will be, we are able to give our clients the help/support they need. We are here for you! Remember that. Your not just a number in our minds!