Osgood Lake, as it was called in the early days, was described in "The Wilderness Cure". Its author, Marc Cook, arrived at Paul Smith's Hotel in June 1879 suffering from Tuberculosis. He was carried into the woods to the primitive Camp Lou on the shores of Osgood Lake. Thus began his return to health with fresh Adirondack air and water, nutritious food and rest. In November of that year, he emerged "bronzed as an Indian" and able to resume his career as a journalist. Of his time on Osgood he said "Freedom, -- delicious, absolute freedom from dust and noise and the roar of city streets".

In some unknown way, Osgood Lake became Osgood Pond. What has not changed is the delicious freedom from stress and pollution that we experience here today.

At the Gazebo, we have tried to create a stress-free retreat for you to enjoy. A retreat from the usual daily experience. A time to cut the wired world and to know the healing power of air and water. Absolute peace and relaxation. Stress flows away........


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